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Reynold Wells


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Deer Trail, CO USA
Occupation: Retired
School Story:

I remember one day when I was North across 3300 South in a building used for Art classes, and I heard a faint repeating "Eat My Shorts" over the speaker that was used for announcements from the office. In fact, all classrooms had a speaker in them for this purpose. Well, after hearing this rather odd announcement, I got permission to leave class and I headed over to the Electronics class (the teacher was Curtis Larson). I went in and then directly to the teacher's little office area where I saw a group of guys laughing around a microphone. It was hooked up to an amplifier that someone had wired to the PA speaker in that classroom.... and coincidentally possibly, depending how the switches were set in the office, to all the speakers at the school. I said I had just heard that odd message, and Mr. Larson freaked out and yanked down the wires. I suppose I had correctly figured out where that message had originated. To this day, I wonder if anyone else heard that little message.....

More about you:

Spent several years working for a facility that made weapons delivery systems, and some NASA projects. Then, when the Soviet Union 'lost the cold war', I and others were tossed aside, and I became a TV Technician. I hate scammers, and did some undercover work and helped take down one who was in charge of a large electronics retailer some years back. I worked for several private companies until I decided to do something a bit more interesting. Now, I am finishing a run at being a website designer, and am drifting into retirement.

Where else have you lived?

Salt Lake City, Utah
St. George, Utah
Denver, Colorado

Where have you travelled?

East to Pittsburg and West to San Diego


Now it is bicycles.
It was computers, but now I have a hate relationship with those lousy machines, mostly thanks to Microsoft and Windows 10!!!!.


I guess that is my main problem.... I don't seem to have any.
How boring.

Favorite drink?

Clean Water

Favorite food?

I have had enough with killing and death, so food with no cadaverous matter in it.

Favorite sport?

Sports have always disliked me, and so I return the favor.

Favorite movie?

Fandango (the one featuring Kevin Costner)

Favorite book?

Not into books. Had to do too much book work in school, and at the Missile plant to last a lifetime. Now, the eyes are making it difficult to even see the lousy computer screen text!

Favorite music? Band? Song?

If I had to choose..... Pink Floyd. Recently discovered Unknown Hinson.

Any words of Wisdom?

I remember someone saying, "It's not what you do that you will regret in the end, it's what you didn't do".
I now find that to be oh so true.

Favorite holiday?

Any holiday that the phone doesn't ring in with someone wanting me to 'save their little world' would be nice!

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